August 12, 2021

Introducing Mastery Coding's Unity Certification Institute (UCI)

Get Unity Certified with Mastery Coding!

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Unity game engine interface

Over the past year, our team has worked tirelessly to create the most comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality Unity education on the market.

Now, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Workforce Solutions course: The Unity Certifications Institute.

Using the most popular game engine, our course prepares its students to become industry-ready game developers with foundational knowledge of C#, the Unity Engine!

What is the Unity Certification Institute (UCI)?

The UCI is an 80 hour, Unity coding bootcamp that guides adult learners through the essential concepts needed to ace the Unity Certified User: Programmer Exam.

Using multimedia, project-based curriculum, live workshops and support, and a plethora of exam-prep materials, students learn to code in C#, interface with the Unity Engine, and even develop full-featured games! Plus, the UCI’s three capstone projects will help kickstart your very own game development portfolio.

Why you should take the UCI:

Why Unity?

Unity is a phenomenal educational tool. We chose this engine for our game and professional development courses because we believe that Unity is the best game engine for aspiring game developers to learn in 2021.


Why the Unity Certified User: Programmer Certification?

Scene from Roll-a-Ball video game

We know the value of aligning our professional development courses with industry-recognized certifications. (If you’d like to learn about the value, check out: Benefits of Adding Certification Opportunities to Schools).

We chose The Unity Certified User: Programmer Certification because it benefits aspiring game developers, teachers, and industry workers. With a UCU:P certification on your resume, your foundational Unity skills are proven to admissions boards, employers, and hiring managers.

Earning this certification indicates that you know enough about Unity and programming to develop games and applications. With a focus on code and software interface, the track is beginner-friendly yet contains a great breadth of information. Also, as this certification is on the first tier of four offered by Unity, there’s much room for students to grow beyond this introductory course.

Why you should use our course:

The Unity Certification Institute is the best resource for Unity Certified User Programmer Certification on the market. Students who finish the UCI are prepared not just to pass an exam but also to continue their education and work towards creating and publishing their own products.

Along with engaging course materials and live support, the UCI offers test prep materials, including flashcards and practice exams! While students build truly impressive Unity projects from our video lessons, they’ll be able to review with comprehensive study materials.

What to expect from the Unity Certification Institute:

Are you interested in knowing more? Visit our Workforce Solutions page to explore the concepts covered during each week of instruction in depth. You can also contact us to speak with a representative!


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